Black women in America

As a little girl I never knew much about colorism my parents never made me feel like I wasn’t pretty in fact quite the opposite. I grew up in the era of hip hop, the typical video girl was light skin with wavy flowing hair, usually attached to a rapper. I remember watching a Donelle Jones video that’s where I saw my first dark skin video vixen, not only one but two of them. I was in awwww of these women. How they glowed, how they moved, how beautiful they were on screen. I was happy to finally see women that looked like me. Being a sex symbol is normally not thought to be a black girl thing, being a darker complexioned black woman that’s even more rare. I can’t imagine why we need to have these discussions but we do. Our daughters need to know they are beautiful. They need to see more images that reflect that beauty. They need to be told they are beautiful. In this day and age where social media is on the rise and technology is available to our daughters at an early age, we need to be sure the images our daughters see reflect self love and build confidence. We need to set new standards for beauty, break myths and create a lane for young girls of color to thrive in confidently. Colorism is worse than racism because it can come from people who look like you. It can even come from family members which definitely can cause emotional damage, damage that can take a lifetime to repair. I had a friend ask why do I get upset when other races of women wear their hair braided. I get upset because it’s frowned upon if I wear my natural hair, yet it’s ok for a white woman to wear a wig that resembles my real hair and she’s told how beautiful her wig is. Culturally I know my worth I know how beautiful I am, I know the reason behind the braids and what they represent. It’s more than a look. colorism is a dangerous thing yet its not talked about often as it should be. Being a black woman in America is more complicated than a lot of us are prepared for, but I wouldn’t trade my dark skin for all the money in the world.

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